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Netumo is a website uptime monitor.

Netumo is a powerful website monitoring with automatic SSL certificate monitoring which keeps website admins to make it easier for them to be alerted on uptime issues. Netumo watches your domains for expiry and also watches at fixed time internal your websites and internet hosts by pinging them and checking the returned content. Notifications can be received via email, Twitter, Slack, Teams, and SMS. Reports are available to clearly depict your server load and website/host up-time.

Location: Malta, Malta

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Welcome.AI is your Artificial Intelligence Professional Network. Discover, follow and learn about AI companies, technologies and services that are changing your industry.

Welcome.AI is a growing network of Artificial Intelligence focused companies and people. Research shows companies that have adopted AI move ahead of their competitors so it's important to keep up to date with the AI companies and products that may help you and your company.

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