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Streamline your Small Business with MyLenio!

MyLenio is an all-in-one platform that allows your Small Business to get organized properly, enabling you to work with top companies like Google, PayPal, and SAP following the best industry standards.

Our platform will integrate all of your processes so that they are organized and easy to manage. MyLenio simplifies your business by helping you achieve the highest standards in HR + IT + Compliance

Streamline your small business and organize your company to work with Fortune-500 Companies!

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Location: Hood River, United States

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The WiFi marketing solution

Our service allows you to know your customer deeply, know what do they think about your business, what do they like and what do they prefer, this important information allows you to segment your market, and improve the experience of your customers.

All this is posible through the WiFi service, we install a new network where all your customers can connect freely, but they have to answer two simple questions every hour to enjoy the service.

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