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Never forget anything again with MarkO's superpower of remembering!

MarkO is a smart reminder app, that will do everything for you. You can be productive and lazy at the same time. Use MarkO’s superpowers and get things done, as simple and as possible like 1, 2, 3. Quickly capture what’s on your mind, then relax and let Marko do the rest for you.

With the AI Recognition MarkO gives you suggestions for the location and time when you want to be reminded and with whom you want to share the reminder, thus sparing you the typing and search for them.

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Work-tops UK

Work-tops UK
Work-tops UK built AI technology for all stone suppliers to display their stones to Architects, Homeowners, and Stonemasons, etc., in the UK & EU.

Worktops is a one of its kind Stone Industry, as we provide highly secured and traced conversation between stone distributors and buyers like one to one and one to many methods, for added versatility.

Location: Cambridge, United Kingdom

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Work-tops UK Latest Tweets

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