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Slipstream is the most delightful experience to save all your favorite articles, videos and music and to discover more from a community of people doing the same. We've removed all the distractions of social because we don't believe that social and content curation can ever work together. If people are incentivized to post (gaining followers, likes, comments, etc) then we dilute the quality of the content on the network. Slipstream is a place for all the best content on the web to call home and we've built a platform to encourage the community to only save what they find most compelling.

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Work-tops UK

Work-tops UK
Work-tops UK built AI technology for all stone suppliers to display their stones to Architects, Homeowners, and Stonemasons, etc., in the UK & EU.

Worktops is a one of its kind Stone Industry, as we provide highly secured and traced conversation between stone distributors and buyers like one to one and one to many methods, for added versatility.

Location: Cambridge, United Kingdom

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Work-tops UK Latest Tweets

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