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I-AM Profiles

I-AM Profiles
I-AM Profiles

I-AM helps you discover yourself, assess your job, match jobs to your personality, optimize team composition and improve your relationships!

I-AM helps to improve relationships, know yourself better, understand your strengths and weakness and how you respond to change.

Aside from this, I-AM also provides the following features: profiles match, job assessment, job and personality match, team profile and team and personality match.

Location: Kreuzlingen, Switzerland

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Get more done today. Together.

Worksfire combines project management, social collaboration, digital documents, and business listings in one easy to use system. Connecting tasks, projects, documents and people, Worksfire allows you to work better together to accomplish more, and will help you every step of the way through the same management tools you use to organize your personal project in the first place.

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