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See which companies are visiting your website

Did you know that 97% of your website visitors never leave their contact information? With Snitcher, you can uncover the companies who are visiting your website, see which pages they are visiting and from what sources, and manage new leads by sending them to your CRM and the right team members.

Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands

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Worksheet Systems

Worksheet Systems
Worksheet Systems

Build online database apps with ease, control, confidence

Worksheet Systems is online database software that allows anybody to build custom web database applications in a secured and controlled environment. No coding required!

Worksheet Systems makes it easy to build enterprise-worthy data solutions and custom business applications that you can access from any device. Robust controls protect your data so you can share and collaborate with anyone.

Worksheet Systems can handle any data related task. Use it for managing everything from budgets and to-do lists to complex business processes, outgrown spreadsheets or generic software products.

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