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Convert more site visitors into leads and sales

Cavako is all in one conversion suite that boosts your sales instantly.

Cavako creates trust, credibility and customer engagement through social proof notifications and personalized deadline offers.

Social Proof Notifications App includes:

- Custom Notifications
- Testimonials
- Conversion Cards
- Analytics
- A/B Testing

Deadline Funnel App includes:

- Personalization
- Customization
- Triggers
- Editor
- Analytics

Location: London, United Kingdom

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Track and Analyze your net worth

WorthTracker makes it easy for you to track your net worth.

With WorthTracker you can enter all of your assets such as real estate, banking accounts, stock portfolio, etc., and don't forget to enter everything you owe as well, such as loans and mortgages.

Keep your portfolio updated over time, and WorthTracker will help you to see your progress to your financial independence goals with visualization of your progress, and asset allocations graphs.

WorthTracker main features:
- See your net worth trend graph.
- See your Assets and Liabilities segmentation graph.
- Get smart insights on your net worth.
- Convert currencies to your preferred default currency.
- Historical data tracking.
- Your data is backed up on the cloud.

Do you want a simple way to track, update and analyze your net worth from anywhere with your mobile device?
Tired of handling big and complex spreadsheets to track your net worth?
Don't want to give any third-party app permissions to your bank or investment account to track your net worth?
WorthTracker is exactly for you!

We continually working on more features so there is more to come.

Location: Global, Global

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