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srJna is an organization founded by the alumni of IITs to address the issue of the current quality of education

SrJna, an initiative by alumnus of IIT-Delhi to address the current quality of education system through innovative teaching methodologies. It aimed at creating a supplement model based interactive teaching methodology supported by unique subject specific models.
With the help of professors from IITs and colleagues, the team came up with 250+ models and 1000+ methodologies, to tackle the 3 major subjects of school curriculum for classes 1 to 10- Mathematics, Science and Social Studies. SrJna is among “Top 6 innovators” by IIT-Delhi students and alumni on IITD Alumni Day’14.
The logic behind the startup is that mainstream theoretical knowledge, which means “learning and then applying” is completely contrary to practical knowledge which follows the mantra of “learning by applying”, hence meaning that both go hand in hand, one being futile without the other. Srjna endeavors to highlight this concept.

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York Towers

York Towers
York Towers

York Towers is a real estate investment

An international and leading real estate investment company, it had been named “York Towers” refers to “York” city in Britain. York Towers is founded since 2016 and it has more than 100 projects in Europe and in the middle east.

Location: Tblisi, Georgia

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