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SendPulse is an integrated messaging platform with the "Artificial Intelligence" system and Personalization, Predictive analysis, “Machine Learning” to make customer service agents superhuman, that en

SendPulse Al is the only scalable digital marketing platform for Email/SMS/PUSH with Artificial intelligence & predictive analysis, personalisation, enabling brands and business to better understand and communicate with their customers, combines them with third-party Big data for enriching personalization of the subscriber profiles.
SendPulse is a global startup, based in US & Europe, works in 100 countries, more than 25 billion emails sent a year and 100,000 business, focused on Europe, Asia, Northern and South America (absolute priority - BRICS, APAC and MINT countries) and used pre-launch product for English audience. In total SendPulse Al will be have 13 foreign language groups: Italian, French, German, Turkish, Simple Chinese, Indonesian, Korean, Japanese, Arabic, Spanish (LatAmerica), Brazilian Portuguese localization. Founded in Europe in 2014, SendPulse has offices in New York and San Francisco (US) and is rapidly expanding its presence abroad through resellers and partners.

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White Label Messenger

Zangi provides a full-scale interactive modern messenger platform on top of which you can build your business solution in a short period. Various features can be added to customize business-ready extensible applications for iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, Web.

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