Top Startups in Cambodia


Save On Everything


Gaming Gear to Dominate the Competition


Tap2Pay is the platform to accept online payments for SMB with a high conversion rate in all digital channels: websites, social networks, popular messengers.

Otis Wealth

Invest in collectibles, fine art, and physical spaces for as little as $100


Crrux is a seamless software for critical productivity, collaboration and engagement needs, to power your personal, community and business related needs


Your AI Customer Service Platform

MyWiFi Networks

100% White Label Social WiFi Marketing Platform

Crate of Good

Crate of Good is a quarterly subscription box containing products with a powerful, social impact tied to their purchase.


Calcularium is a Descriptive, Editable, Gesture-Based & Voice Controlled Calculator (patent pending).


Talk360 is the cheapest calling to call any mobile and landline phone number in the world.


New Silver is a hard money lender serving real estate investors in the states of CT and MA.

Zameen For You

“Zameen for You” is the best name in the field of real estate marketing.

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