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Link Retail

Link Retail helps retail professionals to create growth using sophisticated methods.

Real-Time Business Alerts with Company & Contact Information


Airmeet is a virtual events solution that provides immersive and engaging experience to the audience, incredibly closer to an in-person event.


Legal Billing Software

Safe Return

Bring Back Your Workforce With Safe Return, we have everything you need: Digital Health Forms - Contact Tracing - Capacity Management/Reservations

Surelocal Supply Chain Pvt. Ltd.

Organising Unorganised pharma market


Simplifying Business Documentation.


OTPfy is a Software as a Service platform where you will be able to generate One Time Password codes and Magic Links to secure your application flows.

Perfect Journal

A private journal/ diary app for your special moments, thoughts, pursuing goals to achieve best in life.


Idea to market in 8 weeks


Automate your business without coding


oVice offers 2D virtual spaces for remote teams, event hosts, and academic institutions allowing them to gather in one space, move, talk, and interact just like in-person.

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