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Extra Workforce

Flexible staffing solutions

Custom Graph for Figma

Custom Graph lets you build line, bar and cumulative graphs based on your design elements in Figma.


Personalising your job search with intuitive AI


We offer Video Surveillance as a Service


Make work meaningful AI powered wellbeing & performance platform helping companies and employees unlock their full human potential.


Mindleap is a mobile app that allows you to work with psychedelic aftercare specialists, to make the most of past psychedelic experiences.


Essteem organizes social impact-driven Equalithons (hackathons for equality) to connect tech companies with diverse tech talent to recruit and hire for a diverse and inclusive work culture.

War Room

Take the fear out of digital advertising

TechNerds Inc

IT Productized Services for any niche! Get your website online on WordPress with us for a fixed retainer!


All The Tools You Will Ever Need To Quickly & Easily Grow Your Business

Forest Admin

Gear up your business teams with the internal tools they deserve without wasting time on coding them.


Superior statistics for 10x faster decision making in marketing analytics (free)

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