Top Startups in Guinea-bissau

Hunt Vintage

Our dedicated team of specialists hunt the world’s best vintage and antique boutiques to bring you a classic and hand-curated collection of unique furniture items that are full of history and made to


Re-train for a new career with no up-front costs


Viral product launches and word of mouth referral programs

Rational BI

Modern Business Intelligence, analytics and data science

Data-driven on-demand health care platform


All you need to show your skills

LinkedIn Sales Automation Tool

A home for entrepreneurs turned investors

The Neighborly App

A local social network where users can buy and sell goods or services from people in their neighbourhoods

Business Power Tools

Software template dashboard to build businesses

Extra Workforce

Flexible staffing solutions

Custom Graph for Figma

Custom Graph lets you build line, bar and cumulative graphs based on your design elements in Figma.

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