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Dataflow Kit

Turn websites into useful data


Wordpress Appointment Booking plugin

Promote your content in SECONDS with our Smartlists that Google LOVES!

Test Your Ideas

Test Your Ideas is a website where you can evaluate ideas, ask a market research question and get guaranteed responses and data based results, all for FREE!

Plugmatter GDPR Bot

Build Loyalty & Trust With Your Visitors by Making Your Website Privacy-Friendly.

Ecommerce Conversion Checklist

Review your store with 108 actionable guidelines to increase conversion rate

Infoxen Technologies

In Touch With Excellence

We hate useless meetings


Automatic Mood Tracker For Better Well-Being


Website planning made easy

Allstack Talent

We recruit renaissance engineering talent for the world's leading brands.

Niagara Falls Ryerson Innovation Hub

We help Niagara startups scale ‍their business

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