Top Startups in North%20korea


Create Beautiful Websites Without Code!

Chat with Nerd

I'm Nerd, an AI budgeting bot on Whatsapp.


Our software speeds up your website and increases your organic search traffic. With our new Cloudflare partnership, Huckabuy's SEO Platform is dialed to create the fastest, most efficient communicatio

Postmodern Work

Inspiration and lessons from interesting founders and their passion projects.


Time tracking solution

Startup Brewing

BeerTech company

Properti AI

Social media on Autopilot for Real Estate


Beam is the world’s first platform to crowdfund job training for homeless people and support them into stable work.

Working Den

Working Den helps people overcome the mental and physical problems they experience by working from home.


Best Freelance Websites for Beginners


A growth marketing platform that uses gamification


Mevinor help healthcare companies to grow fast with our solution

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