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Album Daily

An easily digestible music recommendation newsletter, sent out daily or weekly


Coinwink helps people to develop better cryptocurrency management and trading habits.


Web Scraping API handling headless browsers and rotating proxies for you


PlatPick is a B2B platform that serves as an open and transparent marketplace for outsource services

Founders Bundle

All the tools you need in one subscription


Hassle-free 1099 filing and contractor payments


Kosmi is an online communications platform not unlike hangouts or houseparty but with embedded realtime apps that can be ran in the hangouts.

Lofty AI

A.I. to predict future real estate prices


With automation threatening jobs and general insecurity about people’s place in the world, Dossy allows HR managers to have more meaningful conversations with their candidates.

GroWrk Remote

All the amenities your team needs to be as comfortable and productive at home as in an office at the touch of a button.


A fully customizable workspace for your team's relationships and workflows.


Legal documents for businesses and individuals

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