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Prompt API

Prompt API is an API marketplace targeted for developers and /or startup founders.

Custody Bot

Custody Bot is an automatic robotized pawnshop with gold buying/selling functions

Yuzu Metrix

Yuzu Metrix is an industry-standard influencer marketing reporting and analytics tool focusing on real numbers and transparency


Find the best coupons, promo codes and Discounts. Never pay full price!


Earthly is a browser extension that offsets CO2 every time you open a new tab.

TheTradable is a UGC-platform about financial markets (stocks, commodities, fx, crypto), investing and the life of traders with user-generated content. Reddit for traders.

Luna App

The new way of tracking, splitting, and sharing your finances with your loved ones.


The most cost-effective email checking service


Pure Aire for your family

Martini Tag Insights

Easily tag your content using AI, then analyse the subject matter that is of most interest to your users.


We automatically notify you about the identified vulnerabilities


Online VAT calculator

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