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Twib App

Twib is a sales tracking and sales reporting app for business owners & salesmen offering a web-based ( admin panel to track GPS location of sales employee activity, where you can m


AI for facial beauty preferences prediction


Memgraph is a native fully distributed in-memory graph database management system.


Organize, find, and manage your tabs in the browser


courseticket is the most flexible “all in one” Digital Learning & Development Platform - merging Live Streaming, E-learning & E-commerce into Online Marketplaces.

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Anna coblin

anna coblin is a digital marketer and content writer.


Discover new fashion inspirations daily

Simbi Djurens Varuhus

Everything for pets

Multi-channel messaging with all your favourite chat apps for businesses: no-code or API, all with automation

Property Deck

The smarter way to sell your property


Digital OTT Experience Platform For Global Audience

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