Top Startups in Zimbabwe


Statusly is a Slack bot that helps you automate your Slack status and DND/away settings with Powerful Routines.


Add a free WhatsApp chat button to your site in seconds.

Silver Token

Money redeemable for Silver.

Time Studio

Let AI track your time, while you focus on work. Time Studio logs your activity and recognizes patterns to track your time, allowing you concentrate and improve your workflow.


Instantly discover, index, and capture website changes! Rival is a website change monitoring service that takes seconds to get started. Getting started is free.


Graphics for complexity


Unite your communication in a centralized platform


Quickskills is a SaaS that includes LMS and designer tool to create adaptive learning content (simulations, courses and tests).


A social network that connects strangers and turns them into a group of friends


#1 Workforce Management Software Solutions

Eyeware Beam

Turn your phone into the ultimate tool to engage with your audience, improve your gameplay and immerse yourself in the gaming environment.


Search, Interview And Hire Verified Freelancers

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