4 Discounts That Business Owners Need to Take Advantage of Right Now

Reducing your business expenses is an essential factor in increasing your profitability to do business at scale. Part of your business success depends on your ability to protect your bottom line. 

Whether you’re just starting or you’ve been in business for a while, you can benefit from saving on essential products and services. We’ve compiled some great discounts designed for you to cut costs while continuing to run your business efficiently.

1. LifeLock Coupons

Hackers and identity thieves are becoming more sophisticated as technology advances. A whopping 47 percent of Americans experienced financial identity theft in 2020 alone, and those numbers are expected to rise. 

LifeLock offers comprehensive identity protection services, protecting you and your business from data breaches. Activities as simple as browsing, online banking, and more can put you at risk of cybercrime. With LifeLock, you get access to 24/7 protection services, including credit file monitoring, device protection, and funds reimbursement. Not to mention, you will have LifeLock’s security team on standby in the event of an emergency. You can currently take advantage of these services at a discounted price using LifeLock coupons

2. 50% Off Intuit Quickbooks

As a business owner, you know how important accounting is to running your business smoothly. Bookkeeping gives you a clear picture of your cash flow. Intuit Quickbooks offers a solution to your accounting needs by providing all-inclusive bookkeeping software that helps you: 

  • Manage your cash flow
  • Capture and organize receipts 
  • Record mileage
  • Maximize tax deductions
  • Track sales
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Quickbooks offers three online plan options and optional payroll resources. You’ll also get access to expert bookkeepers that can help you manage your books with you during a live session. 

Quickbooks is offering a 50 percent discount on all of its online plans. Take advantage of this tool today to create a better financial future for your business. 

3. 10% Off Google Workspace Subscription

Productivity is another critical factor in growing your business successfully. Higher productivity for you and your staff generally leads to better profits. One way to increase your productivity is to streamline your ability to collaborate. 

Google Workspace allows you to work from anywhere while being just as effective (if not more) as being in the office. With a Google Workspace subscription, you access 15 applications like Gmail and Calendar and four security and management tools. 

With Google Workspace, your work doesn’t skip a beat. You can snag a Google Workspace Standard subscription right now for 10 percent off the original price.

4. Free Business Discounts With Spring by Capital One

Spring is a free online database by Capital One that gives you access to tons of deals on top business services. You don’t have to be a customer to sign up, and you won’t have to provide much information to get started. 

Once you get signed in to the platform, you can choose from discounted services in categories like office supplies, marketing, travel, finance, and technology. You can take advantage of these pre-negotiated deals by simply clicking on it. Spring will redirect you to the company’s website and automatically apply the discount to your cart. With Spring by Capital One, you will never miss out on the best deals, saving you money over time to reinvest back into growing your business.

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Gain Valuable Business Advantages With These Offers

As business services, these expenses are tax-deductible, which means that you can consider them a net-zero spend for the year. Given the opportunities for growth they offer, it makes sense to capitalize on them while you can.

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