A Guide to Digital Transformation

The success of both small, medium and large businesses in every industry now depends on digital touchpoints. However, it is an intimidating task to digitally transform a business. It is necessary to break the digital transformation process into smaller, more manageable steps. We will bring you the best tips for a successful digital transformation throughout the week. We are going to write a summary of the best practices and post them on our blog throughout July. You can use the series to transform your business. 

Week #1

In the first week, you will mainly find out that your business needs to undergo some necessary changes and you will determine the things to consider before beginning the digital transformation according to Harnham UK

Day 1 – Recognizing the Need for Change

How can I know if it is time for my business’s digital transformation? Based on our experience, you may have to change your business approach because of the following signs: 

You lose customers – These days customers love to engage with businesses at their convenience and the way they want, including digital channels, such as chat bot and mobile app, providing them with 365/24/7 access. You can scare away your customers if your business cannot handle this or if you are offering these services but suboptimal experiences, bugs, and glitches. 

Workers complaining about siloed business processes and units. If some parts of your business cannot benefit from the data and knowledge of your other departments or communicate with other departments, then you might want to change your business model. 

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Your product and brand managers cannot launch digital solutions due to the limitations of antiquated backend technology

Your workers cannot work from their homes during the COVID-19 pandemic because of a lack of enough digital infrastructure. 

You have not fully invested in new technology in the past decade. It indicates that you are missing out on some things that can have a huge positive impact on your business. 

Day 2 – The First Step

You may feel like that your need to increase the digital agility of your business. However, you do not know where to begin. There are several opportunities for transforming your business around you. You can use serendipities discoveries to successfully transform your business, so do not ignore them. 

Day 3 – Find Opportunities

For some, it is difficult to find serendipitous discoveries. You can use your employee and customer feedback to get more opportunities, so check your customer service logs, internal research, Yelp, app reviews, etc. You can start with the points of friction – it happens when your employees and customers run into trouble. If you want to attract and retain most of your customers, then innovations are necessary. Use these platforms to help you identify the best three opportunities.  

Day 4 – Know Your Audience

It may seem like the previous tip (3). However, you will not focus on how your target audience is reacting to your service or product. You will focus more on the preferences, habits, and behaviors of your audience. You must understand how they affect your transformation. Doing proper research and understanding the intimate details of the ones, who will engage with your technology, can help you during the transformation process. You must analyze and understand how your audience is going to react during your digital release. 

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Now, think about your data sources. You can capture information of your customers using a rewards program, pull customer information from a syndicated database, or get the information in your customer service records. Use these data sources to better understand your target audience. 

Day 5 – Keep Your Eyes on the Road

Instead of focusing on what your competitors do, focus on what you can do to improve your customer experience. This is because businesses are not the same, so the customers of different businesses do not have the same needs. Therefore, your customers will have specific needs that fit with your business. You will use different opportunities to delight your customers, so look for opportunities to make your customers happy.  So, keep your eyes on the road and focus.

We hope these tips have inspired you. We are going to share more tips to help you in your digital transformation journey.

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