A Guide To Packaging For Ecommerce

Are you thinking about how to properly pack your items for your online store? If so, this is a very important topic and one that requires a good packaging strategy. This is necessary for your business, your customers as well as your team. Of course, it will require you to put in the work and be decisive, however, you don’t need to make the process too difficult. You need to have an excellent understanding of your business and your products as well as have a great idea of the packaging you require. We will now look at 10 tips for e-commerce packaging that will ensure you have this part of your business optimized. 

Understand your product

First, start by looking at your product or products. Be sure to weigh and measure them and pay attention to the construction. Take note of any areas that are fragile or vulnerable. Make sure that those areas are well protected using bubble wrap, cushioning, etc. Figure out if your product has to always be stored in temperatures that are lower than room temperature and if it can’t get wet. Consider using insulating materials or poly mailers. Remember that every time your products are shipped, the conditions won’t be exactly the same, so pay attention to the needs of your product. 

Select the best shipping carton

You don’t need to use a box for every shipment. You can also use mailer envelopes as they are a great option instead of corrugated boxes. These are great to use for small items that don’t require all of the space available in a box. However, if you do have products that need to be boxed, then be sure to ship them in new boxes from The Gaylord Box Exchange. This will ensure that they don’t have issues such as rips, tears, or even dents that reduce their overall strength. Also, it will provide a much better appearance and impression for your customers. 

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You don’t need to be fancy

Custom branded packaging is not only good-looking, but it also makes your business stand out. However, it is also quite expensive and quite stressful if you’ve now started your business. You can use a kraft box along with a label showing your logo to make an attractive package. It is also a good idea to add thank you cards to each order and this can inspire a great deal of customer loyalty. If you have bigger and more expensive products, you can use custom packaging for these that will captivate your customers. 

Make sure it looks good

Use new boxes for shipping since it will make a good impression on your customers as well as be strong enough to protect your products during shipping. You can use a simple clean box that uses water-activated tape that is oyster colored. This in itself is quite an attractive packaging. Even if you don’t have much of a budget for packaging, you can still make your packages look good while being well protected. A simple and clean look is always in style, especially once it isn’t dented or damaged in any way. 

Avoid shipping air

Don’t use boxes that are too big for your items when shipping. You should strive to purchase boxes that are correctly sized according to your product that only has a little space around it for filling. You can even use multi-depth boxes which allow you to pack products of different sizes since they can fold downwards to reduce the size of the box. This will save you a lot of money from buying void fillers as well as corrugated boxes. It will also make a great impression on your customers. Most people judge the packaging of a product, even if it is subconsciously. If you have a lot of void in your box with lots of wasted space, then this can make you and your company appear as though you don’t care too much. So, how you present your products matters a great deal. 

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Show appreciation

One way that your business can outshine other businesses is to show appreciation. Just about everyone enjoys being appreciated. Even small gestures are effective. When you open a package and you find a large thank you card that is handwritten by the owner and signed, this will certainly make even the grumpiest person smile. There are lots of different things you can add to your packages before sealing and sending them. For example, you can add small gifts or add-ons that go with whatever product the person purchased. You can even include discounts and coupons for their next purchase, candies, etc. 

Properly seal the boxes

This is extremely important and there are many e-commerce businesses that don’t get this right. Whenever you seal a package for a customer, this helps to ensure it isn’t tampered with before it is delivered. You may want to buy discount tape, however, it isn’t worth the small amount of money you save if your packages end up opening up before being delivered. Always use good quality packing tape and also use a tape that is suitable for how you’re shipping your orders. If you need a tape that provides good security and privacy, then you should use water-activated tape. Another good option is tamper-evident tape as it discourages people from tampering with your packages. If your packages need to be shipped through extremely low temperatures, then make sure to use cold weather tape. This is important so that the adhesive keeps the box sealed even in extremely low temperatures. 

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Re-check addresses

It is very easy for your customers to make a mistake when they type their address. As a result, always re-check and verify their address to prevent delays in shipping, returns or packages that end up in the wrong place. A simple mistake with delivery can easily cause issues with customer loyalty and confidence since they will have to wait more time to receive their order. 

Choose shipping times carefully

In the event that you’re selling perishable products, then you need to carefully choose the day that you ship since this can make a huge difference. It may be best to ship between Monday and Wednesday for next-day delivery. This will ensure that your products are delivered as quickly as possible. It may also be worth it to pay for expedited shipping for loyal customers.

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