Basic Job Hunting Tips For 2022

When it comes to looking for a job, you will always come across the same advice; polish your resume, network, follow up with an email after the interview, etc. While this is not poor advice, we have realized that there are some common sense things that people often forget, especially when nervous. In this read, ICON mentions a few basic tips that you should implement during your job hunt. 

Present Yourself as an Obvious Fit

When applying for a position through an online application process, chances are your resume will first go through an applicant tracking system before it gets to a human. The first person to go through your resume will likely be a recruiter or a lower-level HR individual. These people may or may not comprehend all the nuances of the position you are applying for. 

As such, it’s best to be safe and make it easy for both the software and human to easily connect what they are looking for and what you have to offer. 

Pro Tip: Always go through the job description and any additional information you get for the position. Are you showing your strengths in the most important areas of the position? Are you mirroring the terms and phrases in the job description? Line everything up!

Avoid Limiting Yourself to Online Applications 

If you want to be stuck on the job hunting stage, then simply focus on one facet of a job application. Once you apply for the position online, try and accelerate the process by finding and endearing yourself to those working at your organization of interest. Approach that recruiter and ask them several questions, schedule informational interviews with potential peers and try to get on the radar of anyone who might help you snag an interview. 

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Pro Tip: By simply getting on the radar of people working for your company of interest, you instantly set yourself apart. Keep in mind that recruiters usually interview individuals who come recommended. 

Your Resume Isn’t a Tattoo

You might have a lovely resume or a mind-blowing LinkedIn profile, but if it doesn’t showcase you as a direct match for the position you are after, ensure you modify it by switching around key terms, changing the wording, etc. Your resume or LinkedIn profile is not a tattoo and so, treat them as living documents throughout the job hunt. 

Pro Tip: If you are looking for a new job in secrecy, ensure you turn off your activity broadcasts when making changes to your LinkedIn profile. This will prevent your current boss from becoming suspicious about the recent changes. 

Know that You’ll Never Bore Anyone Into Hiring You

 Do not take this statement the wrong way, as you need to come across as professional, articulate, and polished throughout your job hunt. However, most people tend to think that this brings them out as boring. 

This could not be further from the truth. Keep in mind very few secure jobs because they memorized all the right interview questions, had perfect white space on the cover letters, and use safe and common phrases on their resumes. All this ”correctness” makes an individual seem staged and non-authentic. Instead, consider being both polished and a little endearing. Memorable and likable applicants almost always end up getting hired. 

If You are Not On LinkedIn, You Almost Don’t Exist

Given that over 90% of recruiters nowadays use LinkedIn as the primary search tool for candidates, our statement isn’t an understatement. If you are a professional, you not only need to be on LinkedIn but also taking full advantage of the platform. If you do not believe us, think of it this way; If a recruiter decides to get onto LinkedIn searching for someone in your location, with expertise in your profession, and they do not find you, well, they are simply going to find someone else. Simply put, you’ll have lost a chance for getting a new position offer, just by ignoring LinkedIn. 

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Pro Tip: It is important that you learn how to harness the power of social media platforms when hunting for a job, especially LinkedIn. It is by far, the best platform for job search and career networking, positioning yourself as an available candidate, and finding people who work at your organizations of interest.

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