A Guide to Digital Transformation


The success of both small, medium and large businesses in every industry now depends on digital touchpoints. However, it is an intimidating task to digitally transform a business. It is necessary to break the digital transformation process into smaller, more manageable steps. We will bring you the best tips for a successful digital transformation throughout … Read more

13 Best Canva Alternatives for Beautiful Graphic Designs

Nowadays, people are becoming more conscious of the value of graphic design, but few people actually take action to improve their designs, owing to a lack of time. Especially if you’re working on websites and social media platforms. This is the time for designers to become more conscious of the world of DIY graphic design. … Read more

Hiring Neurodiverse Employees

Neurodiverse employees have a gift for roles that need pattern detection ability, attention to detail and capacity for inferential reasoning, and strong skills in coding, mathematics, and other data-driven processes. Besides, according to Hanover, such employees exhibit loyalty and timelines and are also known for providing creative and innovative policies and procedures that can increase … Read more

What is Exit-Intent and How to enable it on OptinMonster?

What is Exit-Intent? OptinMonster’s Exit-intent® technology is behavioral technology that tracks and monitors your website visitors and presents them with an offer that could be a pop-up to encourage your visitor to sign up for your newsletter or a discount code to convince them to buy your product. Eventually, it reduces cart abandonment and captures … Read more