Coronavirus And Your Business – Moving Forward

COVID-19 pandemic has affected everyone in the world. With lockdowns being enforced all over the world, it might be a while before things get back to normal. Despite the stay-at-home orders, you can also maintain strong lines of business.

If you are a business leader, here are some useful tips to ensure that everyone on your team is on the same page during this tough time.

Invest In New Tech

It’s expected that COVID-19 might be here for a while. Social distancing measures will be enforced for many years to come. Therefore, if your business lacks key communication tech such as Hosted VoIP phones, unified call solutions, or essential telecommunication options, you should invest in them. Such tech upgrades offer a good return on investment to help your business to save money and improve overall performance in the long run.

Develop A Routine

No one is used to the social distancing measures in place. A lot of dedicated professionals are having a hard time adapting to the situations in place and working from home. As a business leader, you need to help everyone with handling this challenge effortlessly.

You can start by holding meetings regularly at specific times. You can schedule time during the week and chat with the entire team. Even better, you can set up individual meetings each of the employees to learn more about their challenges. Keep in touch with your employees and help them navigate the challenges that come with working from home full time. Barclay Simpson have reported an increase in temporary staff to deal with some aspects of the pandemic, ensure that these staff are also kept in the loop.

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Learn How To Prioritize

With the pandemic, a lot of businesses have transitioned into remote set-ups. Well, it’s quite likely that a few things will fall through the cracks. Make sure that nothing important is forgotten because of the pandemic.

Prioritize the most important tasks for your team and focus on completing them first. As such, your team will not hold unnecessary meetings to review small issues that don’t’ affect our business.

Encourage Chatter

Employees working remotely might not feel safe sending emails, texts or video messages compared to talking to coworkers in person. Note that if your team members are not talking to each other, some problems will arise along the way. As a business leader, you need to encourage constant collaboration between your team members, especially if they are working from home.

Start by setting a good example for yourself. Emphasize the importance of constant communication to your team members. Even better, you can ask them if there are steps to take to make it easier for them to reach out. With more of your team members chatting with each other, most of the challenges will be handled effortlessly. Make them feel comfortable reaching out to each other and encourage them to do it often.

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