21 Customer Acquisition Strategies to Win New Customers

The times we live in are unprecedented. The rapid advancement of technology gave rise to new opportunities for businesses to gain new customers. But even though many business representatives see customer acquisition as a simple process, the wide access to information people have nowadays makes this process more difficult. Some businesses think that customer acquisition is only about being present on social media, having a website where you promote your services and products, and sending newsletters to people who already signed up for them.

But even though all these surely help in acquiring new customers, they are not enough to accomplish this goal. Posting on social media and offering discounts should be wise business strategies. The competition is fierce and making your business stand out from the crowd is essential for its survival and evolution.

Winning new customers is probably a goal every business has, as they depend on customers. But taking into consideration the technology development, how could you do this better? How could you win new customers while not losing the old ones? We will explore together 21 customer acquisition strategies that will help any business win new customers. 

1) Define Your Target Audience 

Winning new customers should not be only about increasing numbers. More customers do not necessarily mean that they will be loyal to you or that will buy constantly from you. The first step in building a customer acquisition strategy is understanding who will benefit more from your products. It is about understanding the needs you answer to and the people who have those needs. Defining your target audience is thus an essential point that will help you build a customer acquisition strategy. 

How can this be done? Look into the insights of your existing pool of customers. Take a look at their demographics, such as gender, location, age, and so on. These details will help you target the people that will resonate the most with your business. 

2) Organize Giveaways 

“Giveaways are the latest social media trend many brands and influencers are using to grow their online visibility”, says Cynthia O’Connell, a social media expert at Uk.bestessays.com. Organizing giveaways allow customers to try your products or services and also spread the word to their friends. 

To participate in a giveaway, many businesses have a few requirements such as tagging friends who might be interested and sharing the giveaway post on their profile. This is a good customer acquisition strategy because it helps you make your brand known to new people. 

3) Republish Old Content 

If your website has a blog section where you post articles regularly, you have probably noticed that the more blog posts you add, the more pages you have. And the first articles you have posted will go only deeper, losing thus the chance of being read. Unless you add a lot of backlinks that could lead people to it, your first news and blog posts will not continue to increase the visibility of your brand. 

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One simple way to win new customers is by republishing old content and promoting it. For example, you could choose some of your older posts, revise them and update statistics, and repost them. You can even promote the topic on your social media accounts to gain more organic searches and win new customers.

4) Build an Open Affiliate Program 

Open affiliate programs help you increase your organic search and brand visibility with the help of influencers. They already have a wide pool of followers who might be interested in using your products or services, only they do not know about you already. 

This customer acquisition strategy focuses on having key figures within your industry validate your product and promote it to their followers. You can also offer influencers referral promo codes their followers can use to get discounts on your products. And to thank influencers for this, you could offer them discounts and vouchers for your products based on the number of people that used their referral code. Winning customers by applying this strategy will be successful if you know your target audience.

5) Sponsor Events 

Another customer acquisition strategy that will help you win new customers is part of the offline marketing strategy. Even though the world pandemic made the online world more populated and used than before, things still happen in the offline world. 

Depending on the country’s restrictions, small events might still take place offline. So, you need to make your brand and products known to new people, and sponsoring events your target audience is interested in makes your business known to the public. You can also offer products and informational brochures to be added to the welcome bags participants receive. 

6) Build Valuable Content 

In the online world, everything is possible. And to differentiate fake news from real ones, you need to have critical thinking. In a world where everyone wants to catch the attention of people by building sensational headlines and invaluable content, you need to stand out. People are searching for content that brings value, that comes with new information, and that hits the mark. People want educational, helpful, and inspiring content, so make sure you build valuable content. 

7) Content on Other Sites 

Driving organic traffic to your website and winning new customers might be difficult if you do not have a base of customers. But if you know the demographics of your target audience, their needs, and their desires, you can make your business known to them through external websites. There might be websites your target audience follows regularly. Medium is one of the biggest open platforms where anyone can post their content and attract followers. You can post your content on Medium and increase the volume of traffic you could get.

8) Define Your Buyer Persona 

A buyer persona can help you target your marketing and brand awareness campaign to target an audience that can be converted into customers. But what is a buyer persona and how should you build it? A buyer persona is a semi-fictional character created by you. It is like the profile of a real human, only you create it based on the demographics of your existing customers. 

Of course, to build a buyer persona you need to perform extensive market research and have insights into the goals, needs, desires, frustrations, motivations, and behavior patterns. Defining your buyer persona is essential because it helps you empathize with customers and answer their needs. 

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9) Test Your Buyer Persona 

When building your buyer persona, it is important to build not one, but two. But how do you know if your buyer persona is an accurate one? By testing it. You can verify your buyer persona by running ads on social media that target the semi-fictional character you have built. Maybe people that match it do not find your product valuable or suitable for them, so a few details need to be changed. Follow the conversion rates and see if your buyer persona is well-built. 

10) Grow Your Email List of Subscribers 

Many businesses send newsletters to people who signed up for them, but few follow the metrics. Are those emails open? Do people who open them follow the links shared there? These are the essential details you need to know. Because today’s inboxes of people are full of newsletters, emails that promise discounts, and interesting information.

However, to grow your email list of subscribers you need to offer them something unique. One way to do this is to share with your subscribers content that is not published anywhere else and that offers high value. Only those who sign up will get a chance to read it. 

11) Long-Tail Keywords 

Most businesses use short-tail keywords to drive organic traffic to their website and rank high in search engine results. The higher you are on the results page, the more traffic you get and increase your brand visibility. But there is fierce competition on short-tail keywords which are used by most brands. Words such as “vacation”, “cat food”, or “face cream” are used by many brands. 

So, to rank high you need to change the approach. Long-tail keywords are not so popular but can help you increase your brand awareness and win new customers, so why not target them?

12) Answer Questions on Quora 

If you haven’t heard about Quora, it is one of the biggest forums where people post questions on all topics and a lot of other users answer it. The questions’ topics are of all kinds, from how much time you need to boil an egg to the meaning of life.

You just need to find the questions you have answers to. Maybe you have content that answers people’s curiosities, so you can increase the traffic to your website, build your brand awareness, and win new customers. 

13) Offer Things for Free 

Who doesn’t like free things? Offering your existing customers or potential ones the opportunity to use a tool developed by you or test products doesn’t mean they will not attempt to buy them. It is like offering a sneak peek into the full experience they could have if they have the full option. If they like it, they will surely convert into new customers. 

14) Drive Down CPC by using Facebook Ads 

People will feel more encouraged to click on an ad if the number of engagement with it is high. This means that the higher the number of likes, comments, and shares an ad has, the more engagement it will drive. It is more about the quantity of these metrics and not the exact comments, for example, that could help you increase your brand awareness. 

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But to reach so high engagement, you first need to target countries with low CPC (cost per click). And when you change the target audience details, they will engage more with your brand because of your already high engagement metrics and the CPC will drive down.

15) Partner with Other Brands 

Co-partnership with other brands can help you make your brand known to the public and lead traffic and generate sales. It is a great customer acquisition strategy that helps you win new customers by affiliating with brands that are not your direct competitors. Through this, you both increase your brand awareness and enhance each other’s efforts to increase the pool of customers.

16) The Suited Acquisition Channel 

Winning new customers seems like an easy process to do. But if you do not know where your target audience is spending their time, you do not have the means to reach them. Besides getting insights into your customer demographics and building your buyer persona, you need to know the channels your target audience prefers to use. For example, youngsters might spend more time on Instagram, while adults on Facebook. 

17) Use Visuals 

Most people are visual learners, meaning that they retain more information if it is presented visually and attractively than in written form. If you use gifs, infographics, charts, and other visual items, you enrich the value of the content you offer and can attract new customers. If people appeal to what you share, they might even share your content with their friends, so this is a nice customer acquisition strategy you could use. 

18) Focus on SEO 

To drive more traffic to your website and promote your products, you need to focus on SEO. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and it is a marketing technique that helps you increase the organic traffic to your website without paying for anything. You need to do extensive market research and see the most used and looked-for words and keywords related to your business domain. And use them when creating valuable content.

19) Optimize Your Landing Page 

The landing page is the first page visitors see when they access your website. And we all know that the first impression is very important, so you need to optimize your landing page. This means that you should make your entire website easy to navigate. You can add a menu bar that is easy to find and maybe try to add pop-ups that may convert visitors into customers. 

20) Live Chat 

Live chat is the easiest option to keep in contact with your visitors and customers. It offers your customers and people interested in buying your products the means to contact your team and receive answers to their questions. You get to decide when the live chat window pops up. This shows visitors to your website that you care about them and their experience with your brand.

21) Networking 

Networking is part of the customer acquisition strategies that focus on the offline environment, but that can help you win new customers. One should not underestimate the power of word-of-mouth and referral. Socializing with people, taking part in domain-related events, and meeting other brands can help you increase your network. And if these people get to know about a brand from its creator, they will be more inclined to test it. 

Wrapping Up 

There is no perfect recipe for winning new customers, but these 21 customer acquisition techniques can help you increase your brand awareness, define your target audience, and answer their needs. Find the right combination of strategies suited for your brand and start winning new customers. 

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