Is Digital Home Buying the Future? – Lending Platforms for Digital Home Buying

There’s no doubt that buying a new home is one of the most exciting events in one’s life. But when you set out to get a good home loan and come to know that there are so many lenders out there and the process of getting a home loan is quite complicated, your excitement may drop down to a great extent. There might be a lot of legwork and research involved, and obviously, you’d have to devote your valuable time to talk to the relevant professionals, including mortgage experts and brokers, and to find the best rate of interest and terms, and whether you’re eligible for the loan. 

Here we’re going to share 3 lending platforms from around the world and how they are trying to make the home buying journey online. 

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ROSHI is a Singaporean home loan marketplace that makes the process of finding the best home loan for your financial situation easy and comfortable. Moreover, it’s free to use! The process of opening a free account on ROSHI takes just 5 minutes.

Once you open the account, you can start your loan application process by providing your details and personal information. You should just make sure you provide the complete and correct information in order to let ROSHI find the best available rates for you. You can make the process faster and easier by uploading your credit report to help lenders determine your creditworthiness. Once this is done, you’ll start getting offers from banks and other lenders on your dashboard, and you can easily compare them to find the best suitable ones for you. Once you shortlist these offers, you can talk to the respective lenders and finalize the best one.

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Well, I don’t think the process of finding a great home loan and applying for one can be easier than this!


Lendi is a trusted platform to compare home loan rates for more than 2 million Aussies. 

Based on the information you provide to them, they shortlist lenders that can match your requirements. You’ll be regularly updated about these lenders so that you can compare and choose among them. 

However, while Lendi is great for digitally savvy borrowers looking for applying for a mortgage or need a mortgage quickly, it’s not so great for those who want to check a wide range of rates or those who are still hesitant about applying for a mortgage entirely online. They also ask many questions that some borrowers may find annoying.

Still, Lendi can be a great portal for Aussies aspiring for the most suitable home loan.


Next on our list is LendingTree, here too the process is more or less similar. You have to provide your details first about yourself and the kind of loan you’re looking for. Then, they send out your request to their lender network and you start seeing competing offers within seconds. 

Since lenders are competing to get business from you, they give you the most competitive offers. You can easily compare their offers side by side and even haggle with the loan officers. Finally, you can choose the loan that is best suitable for you. 

Be aware that you may get annoying phone calls from LendingTree. Also, keep in mind that not all states permit loans arranged by LendingTree. Hence you should double-check before applying whether your state permits loans through LendingTree.

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Remember that these sites are not lenders themselves, but connect you to suitable lenders. You benefit from the competition among various lenders that can lead to lower interest rates and the possibility of getting a loan even if banks might have rejected your loan application. 

If you’re living in one of these countries and are looking for a home loan, don’t miss to benefit from these platforms. Even if you’re living in another country, find out such platforms in your country and use them to get easy home loans. All the best!

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