Hiring Neurodiverse Employees

Neurodiverse employees have a gift for roles that need pattern detection ability, attention to detail and capacity for inferential reasoning, and strong skills in coding, mathematics, and other data-driven processes.

Besides, according to Hanover, such employees exhibit loyalty and timelines and are also known for providing creative and innovative policies and procedures that can increase a company’s profits. 

Employers who have employed neurodiverse employees have reported that their neurodiverse teams are more productive and more effective than their colleagues who do not have neurodiverse representation.  

Those with neurocognitive disabilities can benefit their employers in the following ways: 

  • -They have high levels of concentration 
  • -They have keen accuracy and ability to detect errors 
  • -They have technical strengths 
  • -They have strong recall and detailed factual knowledge 
  • -They appreciate routine/ repetition 

Neurodiversity hiring programs usually look for employees that prefer technological duties like repetitive tasks like data entry or filing, software engineering or tech operations but there are many jobs and responsibilities that can be performed by neurodiverse employees.

These jobs and responsibilities include human resources, product management, banking, and customer service. 

Besides, according to research, consumers prefer doing business with those companies that hire disabled workers.

Considering the high percentage of neurodivergence within the average customer base, hiring neurodiverse employees who represent this community enables a company to show thoughtfulness and good customer service.

This can be very beneficial to a company and help it attract more customers.

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