How To Build A Clean Online Reputation for your Startup

A good strong reputation online can really help a startup or a business grow and also protects it from problems with negative reviews and envious competitors. Here are some top tips on achieving this.

Look Presentable every time

What’re all these? Dress appropriately, focus on being professional always and be positive. Everywhere you go, remember you portray your company’s image, so represent it well. You may never know who’s watching, that’s why it’s essential to look lively and refreshing and have a clean online search result. Though it doesn’t mean that you can’t go to the pharmacy for some pain killers if you need some. If this is the case, try as much as you can to ensure you are nice to people you meet and rub shoulders with.

Be someone of your word: Keep promises.

Whenever you say you’ll do something, do it well, making sure you do it on time. Don’t withdraw your stand at the last minute. If unavoidable circumstances come your way, interfering with your promises, find a good fit who’ll do the job on your behalf, as well as you’d have done. The last thing you want is to appear ‘fake’.


Always keep people informed and updated. Whether there’s a new development or not in your project, sending a simple email to show the cohesion doesn’t cause any harm. This has your buyers and clients informed you’re always there for them. But don’t keep sending emails after every hour, instead, every few days is enough. Proper communication propels and maintains a healthy and lasting business relationship with customers.

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Make an incredible website

Your customers will always want to learn more about you. That’s why a well set up website for you and your company creates the best online reputation Ensure the website is designed excellently and tells people everything about you they’d need to know – who you are, what you have for them, and how they can reach you.

Capitalize on social media

Take your time and set up a Twitter account, Facebook page, LinkedIn page, as well as other accounts that can be a boost for you like Pinterest and Tumblr. Above all, market these pages and accounts tremendously. Let their existence be known and felt. Many people opt for social media rather than traditional methods for example phone calls when they need to get in touch with a company for questions or comments. Make these available to them, to benefit both of you.

Don’t  spam

If you have an email list, which of course you should have, this is very vital. At times you feel the urge to email people informing them about your happenings. Disadvantageously, this will not be well with the people on your mailing list. Have a limit. Unless you made a promise, send out one email per week to your subscribers, to update them on what you’re up to.

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