How To Create a High Converting Coupon Popup?

Offering your users discount coupons or showing them popups are both nothing new. But they still have a lot to offer when you combine them effectively. You may have tried some different popup strategies in the past but if you have never tried coupon popups before diving into this article before starting to create one.

Why Use Popups?

Using popups is one of the oldest tricks in the game. It is simple yet effective. This is why we keep seeing them in every possible marketing strategy today.

You might be hesitant to implement a new one in your design.

That’s because you have seen so many bad examples of bad popup use cases. Let’s put those bad examples aside and explore what popups have to offer us.

You start by creating the best possible popup for website. Then continue on improving till it satisfies both you and your visitors’ needs.

Whatever strategy you choose there are some key points you must consider when designing the popups and measuring the effectiveness of them. Just be careful about who to show them and how.

What are Coupon Popups?

Simply put you offer a special discount coupon to your visitors with popups. Coupon popups are effective because people love discounts.

Offering your visitors a coupon automatically activates the loss aversion.

Loss aversion theory helps people think they feel like they own that perceived saving.

If you want to create killer coupon popups just be sure to check these before you creating your own.

  • Be simple and clear about what your visitors get.
  • Make it easy to obtain and use your coupon. Complicated offers or long processes reduces the chances of people using it.
  • Personalize your coupon offer as much as possible. People will feel special when they think they have a customized offer for themselves.
  • Focus on coupon offers, don’t miss it with other sales and distract the visitor.
  • Keep the design simple and unique. Tell them your offer and move them forward to complete the action.
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How To Create a High Converting Coupon Popup?

I use OptinMonster to create high converting coupon popups. And here’s how I do it.

  1. Decide about the offer and create a campaign. Outline the numbers and the strategy behind them. Name the campaign for future reference.
  2. Start designing it according to tips that I previously shared with you. Designing a sleek popup with OptinMonster is easy and effective. Just select the elements you want to use and test out different designs. If you just don’t have anything specific in your mind feel free to look into their great examples and start with one.
  3. Finalize the design and save the campaign.
  4. Decide how you will deliver the coupon to your visitors. I usually select the email option so users will have a reminder in their inbox if they want to use it later. You can also show a success message and add your coupon code to it.
  5. The last step is to configure display options. Set when your visitors will see the popup and additional behaviors. This is where you do your magic and also A/B tests are most welcomed. I show my popups to visitors after they interact with my content for some time and before they exit. Just be sure to set different campaigns and measure the effectiveness of them to decide which one is the best for your community and website.

What do you think about using popup coupons?

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