How to Create Spin to Win Campaigns in WooCommerce and Shopify

Did you know that you can add spin to win to your Shopify site or WooCommerce?
The spin to win optin is used to share special offers, discounts, and wonderful rewards to your loyal customers. It is also one way to increase engagements and get the customers excited about the platform.

This tutorial provides a one-on-one guide on how you can easily add spin to win optins either in your Shopify or WooCommerce website.

How to Add Spin to Win Options in WooCommerce or Shopify

What is Spin to win Optins?

Spin to Win Optins is a game or more like a discount coupon which includes gamification to your eCommerce website. The users can play this game and have access to discounts as well as unlock exciting offers.

Ideally, spin to win games, popping bubbles, and even crushing candles are games we cannot resist playing. Now imagine playing the same game but emerging with exciting offers. This is one reason why gamified optins are so powerful.

But how powerful is Spin to win optins? It all revolves around psychology and playing with emotions, just like actual games they try to copy.

That said, here are some reasons why gamified campaigns are beneficial.
• The users are in control: These campaigns put the user in control, ensuring that they are motivated to engage and convert.
• The games are fun and intriguing: Judging from the user’s point of view, having to spin a wheel with the possibility of winning something is very irresistible.

Based on studies, gamification offers more conversion rates, going as high as 30%. This means that more visitors will come dashing to your website to explore offers.

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Adding spin to win optins In Shopify and WooCommerce

Installing and Activating OptinMonster in WooCommerce

For this tutorial, we will use OptinMonster, which is currently the best lead generation software in the market. The given software promotes the growth of your email lists converting web visitors to paying loyal customers.


Step One

Visit the Optin Monster website and sign up for an account. Note that this is a paid service; hence, one needs to access their growth plan to have access to their “Coupon Wheel Campaigns. ”

Step Two

Install and activate the free OptinMonster Plugin on your WooCommerce website. Follow the following link for more details on installation.

The given plugin connects your specific Shopify websites to the OptinMonster application. Moreover, when you have an active application, you can click on the OptinMonster menu from the admin sidebar to connect to your account.

Step Three

After you are done connecting WooCommerce to your OptinMonster account, click on “Create New Campaign.” This will create your first Spin to win Optin.

Click the “Create New Campaign” button which will take you to the OptinMonster website. To begin with, you have to choose the Fullscreen as your Campaign type. Then select a campaign template.
After selecting your campaign, you will be asked to provide a name for your campaign. Also, you will be asked to choose a website where you will run your campaign.

You will have access to the OptinMonster campaign builder interface. Here you can change the appearance of the campaign.

When you are done, click on the “Edit Wheel sections.” Here you can change the value of the wheel sections. Moreover, you can add coupon codes and special offers to the wheel, that you know your visitors will like.

Note: You have all the freedom to experiment around different colors and designs to find one that fits your category.

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Step Four

Deciding when to show the spin Wheel

In this step, you will select when you want the spin to win campaign to appear on your Ecommerce website.

The OptinMonster is equipped with a dominant display where you can trigger the spinner based on your desired time.
First, you have to switch to “Display Rules,” you can find the tab in the OptinMonster Dashboard. Here is also where you will select different display rule sets that depend on your campaign.
A good example is the use of a spinner campaign when the users are just about to leave the website.

The next step is selecting the view. First, you have to choose the Optin View then click the “Next step Button.”
Don’t forget to click the “Save” button after completing the step.

Step Five
Including the spin wheel to your Ecommerce website
When you are done setting up the spin wheel campaign, now you can proceed to the website.

To begin with, you have to publish your campaign by clicking on the “Publish” tab. Then Check the toggle that is next to the “status” option to live.

After completing, ensure that you click save before you proceed. Go to your WooCommerse site and click on the OptinMonster menu Item. Here you will find a list of campaigns you have created with OptinMonster.

To look at a live view of the campaign you have for your website, you can visit your website in a new incognito browser window. The spin to win wheel should popup based on your settings. If not, please review the steps carefully.

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Here is a nice video tutorial on how to integrate Spin to Win to your eCommerce site.

Take your eCommerce site to the next level with exciting games for your visitors, and increase your traffic tremendously.

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