How to Utilize Mobile Exit Intent to Boost Your Sales

You probably experienced it before while browsing a website on your DESKTOP?

The popup asking you to give your email or providing a discount just before you are about to close the tab.

It is a marketers dream to have this kind of functionality to convert those who are about to leave your site.

However, while it is technically relatively easy to achieve on desktop, it is pretty hard to do it on mobile.

The good news is that technology now enables marketers to catch the ones who are about to leave their site on MOBILE.

It is actually pretty self-explanatory but let’s first define what the mobile exit intent is. Mobile Exit Intent is the exit intention of the mobile user. Daahh!

Why it is important to sense the mobile exit intent? Because you can convert those hard-earned visitors by providing one last deal, discount, coupon, and so on.

Well, you may ask how does mobile exit intent work? There are two ways to capture it, one is to sense the scroll back up gesture and the other one is to sense the back button tap.

Here are some of the ways you can use mobile exit intent for:

  • Providing coupon codes
  • Offering some discount
  • Growing your email list
  • Increasing revenue from affiliate marketing
  • Increasing sales
  • … and more

How Integrate Mobile Exit Intent to Your Website?

I don’t know any other tool does it until now but I know that OptinMaster recently started offering this feature. You can check out the features page of mobile exit intent for more from their site.

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For those who don’t know about OptinMaster, they fundamentally provide a set of marketing tools to improve your sales and earnings and this mobile exit intent technology is one of their latest offerings.

In below GIF, you can also check out an example of how this mobile exit intent technology works.

Mobile Exit Intent Example OptinMaster
Mobile Exit Intent Example

For the launch of this feature, OptionMaster offers a 30% discount between May 12 – May 19, 2020. In order to get the discount you just need to use the KIDS promo code. It will automatically make your final price 30% off.

Additionally, OptionMaster is donating a portion of every sale made during this period to No Kid Hungry charity. No Kid Hungry is a child hunger relief program providing school breakfasts, summer meals, after-school meals, food skills education, research, and advocacy for children in the US. Every $10 donated provides 100 meals.

I hope you find mobile exit intent useful and will utilize it in your next set of marketing campaigns.

As always, thank you for reading so far our post about mobile exit intent and if you find it useful, please share it on your social networks.

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