5 Tips On How To Plan A Successful Startup Exhibition

Attending exhibitions for your startup is very crucial. In this blog post, we are going to cover some essential tips on how to plan a successful startup exhibition.

Let’s look at the successful startup exhibition tips!

Choose The Right Show For Your Business

In the context of attending a show, you should ensure the event will be good for your startup business. Likewise, thinking along the same lines will see you do what you can to make sure that the attendees will be primed and ready for what you want to display.

You can tell that if you have attended numerous trade shows and exhibitions, they are not the same. Each has unique attributes that set it apart from the rest. It is something linked to relevance and how one will have been promoted than the other. Similarly, you might have noted that some exhibitions are hosted in areas where the target market has the best spending power and, in other cases, the worst.

Startup Exhibition

Hence, it would be best to scope out potential shows and take note of the materials used, the setup designs, and other essential details used in previous shows. Go through a catalog of photos to determine if your startup business will perform well in the setting you are eyeing. Check for any other companies and organizations within your industry or niche that might be present and have made any significant returns from investing in the trade shows.

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It might sound obvious, but this is not something that many businesses consider doing; thus, they end up spending significantly on their exhibitions, which do them no favors. Therefore, be upfront with what you think works best for you so that you avoid disappointments later.

Do Your Own Promotion

Most of the successful trade shows have a robust and committed marketing team tasked with advertising the events. However, not all shows take the same approach. Running a promo campaign before the event starts is beneficial to attain the desired objectives. Inform your associates, clients, and consumers about the date and location of the exhibition and suggest they pass by to say hello.

startup promotion

Blaming the organizers of the trade show might be a tempting option if it had a less and adequate promotion. The same applies if your booth attracts a few people. While this might be true and a cause for you to complain, still nothing stopped you from running a marketing campaign yourself.

Spot-On Presentation

If the trade show is the first introduction of your company to the masses, keep in mind that it will be a first for many of the attendees. Therefore, you must put your best foot forward in your planning. Avoid skimping on crucial things like signage and booth design, you can re-board an existing stand to save on costs. Coming up with something with a lackluster presentation will not stir potential clients to look in your direction so invest some time and money into your stand.

Invest in bold graphic design and signage options that will deliver quality. Moreover, think more along the lines of bespoke features that will help create a significant first impression, making you stand out from the crowd. Stick to clear messaging and work it out in advance because your booth’s signage should communicate what you have to offer. People should be able to notice and read it from a distance. Therefore, avoid cluttered designs and illegible print.

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Have An Engaging Team

When staffing your tradeshow booth, make sure that you get the right people. The team should constitute professionals that are friendly, approachable, and presentable. They are your business’ brand ambassadors.  If the staff seems uninterested, then your stand will lack the excitement that pulls in the attendees.

Therefore, make sure the people you have pay attention to what matters, not talking among themselves, and being less concerned about the visitors that pass by your stand. They are there to engage with the attendees. You can opt to be among them to ensure they stay in check, but this should not be something worth doing when staffing your exhibition stand.

Coach your staff so that they are aware of what is expected of them and how they will meet the visitors; interest. The booth might probably be where you hold the first meeting with potential clients, business partners, and customers.

Always Follow Up

The actions you take before the tradeshow starts are as essentials as those during the event. Collect relevant information about the different people that pass by and show interest in what you have to offer. You can use scannable badges that will help to collect data from potential customers. On the affordable side of things, you request them to fill in a form giving their contact details and exchange business cards.

After the show ends, please do not throw the cards in a box and forget about them or consider them as inevitable junk associated with such conventions. Go through each and reach out to the respective people within a few days of the tradeshow to thank them for attending.

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