How to Use Multi-Step Pop-ups using OptinMonster

If you are used to old pop-ups, then you are not having all the fun. But why is it so?

Compared to regular pop-ups, modern pop-ups come with a special tough in design and taste that makes them very appealing to the eyes. The kind of pop up that every visitor would find beautiful.

But why is the pop-up appearance very essential?

I know this probably one of the questions you are asking yourself. Well, the answer revolves around your audience. It would help if you came up with a pop up that will have your audience submitting their email address without a second thought.

Luckily for you here is a software designed to make your work a simple as possible. The given post explores how you can add Multi-Step Pop-ups to increase Conversions using OptinMonster.

Ideally, there are two methods you cause to add multi-step pop-ups. The first demonstration is the use of Monster Links and secondly the Yes/No pop-up campaigns. 

A Multi-step Pop-up

Suppose you have never heard of a multi-step pop-up. Then you have come to the right place. The multi-step pop-up campaign is a pop-up campaign that takes 2-3 steps.

The first step you shall go through is getting your users to click on a link or button. Then allow your audience to follow your call to action. Lastly, the thank you message appears, which is highly dependent on your pop-up’s goal.

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By allowing your users to click your call to action button, you increase your conversions. That’s how easy it easy to increase your conversions.

Let’s proceed to the steps.

Monster links

This is so far the best method you can use for your site. Here you will be using a monster link (an embeddable link that can be added to any text or button).

This means that when the reader clicks on the link, automatically your pop-up campaign will appear. With the Zeigarnik effect, the chance of people exploring your offer is high.

If you have more people clicking on your campaign, then you have more people interested in your content.

Step One: Coming up with the pop-up

When you are logged into your OptinMonster account, click on the Create New Campaign, which is located on the top life corner of your screen.

When you have selected a new campaign, you will be directed to another window. 

Then click on the pop-up campaign button.

Make sure that you select a template that fits your intended purpose effectively. The best part is that OptinMonster offers you over 50 pre-built templates you can choose from.

Using the Canvas Template is the best option when it comes to multi-step pop-ups since it allows you to create your pop-ups from scratch.

Make sure that you provide a name for your campaign and assign it to your website. Finish this step by clicking the start Building Button.

Step Two: Designing your Pop-up 

Campaigns are often broken down into various elements known as blocks. To customize them, you have to click on the editor.

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Click on the “+Add Block” button to add a new block. When you scroll down in the left-hand side menu, you will come across different options which you can include to your multi-step pop-up. Some of the pop-ups include the chatBot, Divider and many more. All you have to do to add the given pop-ups is drag and Drop, as simple as that.

You will also have to customize your Success page with a “Thank you” Message.

But if you are redirecting your users to another page, then you don’t need to pay attention to the success page.

Step Three: Adding Monsterlink

Click the display Rules, which is at the top of the editor. Time on page is what you will have to set first. Go to the bottom page and copy the Monster link, then click on copy Monsterlink Code.

You embed the link in which every anchor text you feel free to use so that when the user clicks on the text, they are direct to your desired page.

The Use of Yes/ No Campaign.

In this step rather than asking your visitors to take action immediately, you will ask then to accept or decline with the “Yes or No” question. But remember your main goal is to get them to click yes. 

Step One: Creating Your Multi-Step Pop-up

This method functions just like the multi-step pop up we saw in The MonsterLinks.

Step Two: Adding

In this step, you will have to create a new multi-step campaign. You will have to click on the Yes/No option. After click on the design button.

Don’t forget to click on Enable Yes/ No for this campaign, so that you can create a new page in your pop-up campaign. 

Moreover, you can modify your campaign to meet your demands. To do this, you can click the yes button to pull up the editing tool which will appear on your left-hand side.

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From the edition tools, you can explore the regular, Action and Hover.

Finally, you select the right action for your yes or no button. Also, the Drop down menu offers you various options to explore, from redirecting to a URL, Success, and Click to call and Close campaign.

Step Three: The display rules

On default, the display rules are set on two conditions. First, the 5 seconds display and the ability to appear on each page.

You can customize it to meet your demands. The best way is using Exit-intent technology. Also, you can choose the device you want to your exit-intent rule for. It can either be desktop only, mobile-only or both.

Choosing the sensitivity level is the final step of your exit -intent campaign. You can make it either low, medium or high, depending on how you want your visitors to respond.

To choose which pages you want to the multi-step pop-up to appear on. Go to the second display rule” the current URL path. Here you can change the setting to any page from the many options. For instance, you can go for Just the Homepage, Contains, Exactly matches, not the home page and many more.

When you are done, make sure that you save and publish your new campaign.

What are you waiting for? Boost your conversions with OptinMonster and see your business grow tremendously.

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