Pressfarm – An easy way to find journalists to write about your startup

Pressfarm is a SaaS platform that helps entrepreneurs find journalists to write about their startups. It helps entrepreneurs to build a list of reporters in seconds and much more. Pressfarm provides a filter enabled media outreach platform so that you can search for journalists from various niches, publications, and categories to find the best fit for your story.


Pressfarm was started as the founders know the pain of startup marketing from their earlier startup experience. They have put some effort into finding relevant journalists as searching for them was annoying. As a result, they decided to create a website which would be a list of journalists who write about technology and startups.

If you sign up to Pressfarm, you can browse the list of journalists provided all the necessary info about them to make it useful such as name, Twitter handle, and link to their articles.

When the project started, it made it to the front page of Hacker News, after a Show HN post about Pressfarm. Then it got picked up by the PandoDaily. Later on, the project has been mentioned in various places like Techcrunch, Inc. Magazine, and Product Hunt. It got mentioned by Ryan Hoover from Product Hunt in a podcast. Event Shopify suggested Pressfarm as a valuable tool to use in one of their blog posts. Shopify even suggested Pressfarm as a valuable tool to use in a recent blog post: Hacking the Press.

Pressfarm is located in San Francisco, the United States and they have received a six-figure investment from investors. It has already been used by more than 4500 brands.

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The cost of using Pressfarm starts at $18/month or you can select one-time payments of $149 and $279.

They also share growth articles on their blog and you can follow their Twitter and Facebook pages to be updated about them.

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