Leverage Social Proof to Increase Your Sales: Trustpulse vs Proof

All over the world, people are looking for various means to improve their marketing techniques. Well, do you know what Social Proof is? If you don’t, then you will be surprised by the wonders you can achieve by implementing this technique.

What is Social Proof?

The term Social proof dates back to 1984 as a term used by Robert Cialdini in his book “Influence.” It is common in groups where people make choices, either good or bad, all under the influence of the people around you.

Social proof is generally based on the idea of normative social influence where individuals will conform to be accepted by society.

Are you asking yourself, why is social proof very essential? To make it clear, big brands like WordPress, Mail chimp, Amazon, and almost every other company uses social proof.

It’s also a fact that in the present world people prefer to look at the reviews about a product before purchasing it. Figuratively speaking, about 92% of online customers have to go through review before making a final decision to purchase the product.

Types of Social Proofs

There are different types of social proofs that strikeout when the term is mentioned. They all begin by leveraging the sources you already have and working to acquire more. Examples of social proof include:

  • Customers
  • Experts
  • Celebrities
  • Crowds
  • Friends
  • Certification

That said, many social proof platforms can help grow your business tremendously. Among the most common names in the world is the Useproof and TrustPulse.

Useproof was the first company that came up with pop up notifications. With the aim of increasing conversion rate optimization and sales. However, there is other social proof software in the market presently.

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Let’s have a comprehensive comparison between TrustPulse and Useproof, to help you decide which one is best for your business.



As mentioned earlier, Useproof is among the most productive social proof software in the World. It comes with intriguing features like activity notification, integration with popular platforms, and not forgetting live visitors count. Generally, Useproof is incredible, and it even comes with a free 14day trial where users can use their plans extensively. However, you must enter your card information before starting the free trial.

Furthermore, by using Useproof you can create custom-tailored pages for your website to reach your targeted audience.

Useproof Review


Talking about the most proficient platforms in the market, TrustPulse is another wonderful social proof software. As a marketing platform that leverages and automate social proof to provide your company with instant trust, conversions, and sales. TrustPulse has grown to be more productive in the industry. In addition to this, It features Real-time event tracking, smart targeting, actionable analytics, an insanely easy setup, among many other incredible features that leave the customer to begin for more.

Certainly, when it comes to choosing between TrustPulse and Useproof, it will take you some time and thinking to pull this through. Luckily, we have prepared this incredible piece to help you make the ultimate choice wisely.

Trustpulse review

TrustPulse vs Proof

TrustPulse is almost similar to Useproof is some ways. For instance, they both allow users to display user activity on the website taking the form of notifications. But they are entirely different platforms.


When looking into the elements, TrustPulse only offers basic features compared to Useproof.

TrustPulse offers features like “on fire” notifications and smart targeting. which are basically notifications. On the other hand, Useproof comes with more complicated features, like increasing the number of visitors, unlimited domains, live chat support, among many others.

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Often at times, users using Useproof complain about, the complexity when setting up the tools. Moreover, the tools in Useproof have plan limitations, for instance, the inability to show conversion cards even in the Pro plan, which can be disappointing to some customers.

However, Useproof is adding more into its outstanding features, with its new feature (not yet released) Experiences, which allows you to create tailored pages suitable to your viewer’s requirements.

Ease of Use

Talking about ease of use, TrustPulse has the crown. TrustPulse is among the most straightforward platforms you can use to transform your social proof experience. Generally, the TrustPulse setup only takes 5 minutes or less with no coding requirement.

On the other hand, Useproof gives you a chance to grow the number of visitors but with a complicated user interface.


Useproof is more attractive when looking into the prices.

TrustPulse offers

· The basic plan going for $39billed annually. Which is essential for small sites and bloggers. This plan comes with features like welcome messages, recent activity, page-level targeting, timed display control, 2500 sessions per month, among many others.

· The Plus plan goes for $99 per year with features like 10,000 sessions per month, page-level targeting, and many more.

· The best deal, which is the Pro, goes for $199 per year coming with on fire notifications, recent activities, Welcome messages, and 25,000 sessions per month, among many others.

· The last deal is the Growth plan, which goes for $349, the best deal for eCommerce websites and agencies. Some of the recent activities include, on fire notifications, welcome massages, 100,000 sessions per month, and many more.

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Of course, more features come with each category mentioned above. Click here to have a look at other features.

Trustpulse Pricing


To begin with, Useproof offers a 14day free trial. It also offers some lucrative plans to all the customers in the market. Here is how their plans are distributer;

· The basic Annual going for $24, and $29 when billed monthly. It comes with 1000 unique visitors, unlimited domains, Email support, conversion analytics, and many more.

· The Pro Annual is next on the list going for $66, and $79 when billed monthly. It comes with 10,000 unique visitors, unlimited notifications, unlimited domains, live chat support, hot streaks notifications, among many others.

· The Business Annual goes for $108, and 129 when billed monthly. It comes with 50,000 unique visitors, unlimited domains, A/B testing, conversion analytics, live chat support, among many others.

· The Premium Annual is the third last going for $166, and $199 when billed annually. It offers 100,000 unique visitors, unlimited notifications, A/B testing, live chat support, among many others.

· The second last is the Platinum Annual, which goes for $249 or $299 when billed monthly. It offers 300,000 unique visitors, unlimited domains, Conversion analytics, live chat support, hot streak notification, and many more.

· Last but not least, is the Enterprise where the payment is customized based on your needs? It offers custom visitor limits, unlimited domains, unlimited notifications, hot streaks notification, and many others.

Useproof Pricing

As you can see, TrustPulse has a downside when it comes to the pricing since you can only buy the annual plans. Their prices are also relatively higher compared to Useproof.

Final words

Every platform mentioned above is unique in its way, with a lucrative social proof experience. However, given the significant comparison, we have prepared above, Useproof is the ultimate choice, and you don’t want to look yourself to a year of using an application you know nothing about. Useproof offers the best services. Despite its complicated user interface, you will experience the best social proof software in the market.

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