Startup Buffer Partnered With StartupCon [Discount & Free Tickets]

I would like to announce that we have been fortuned to partner with StartupCon. StartupCon is an one day startup event in Cologne, Germany. As a gift to our readers, we are providing special discount code and 2 free tickets to our loyal followers.


More About StartupCon

80,000 sqm covered surface, over 150 top speakers, 500 pitches, thousands of visitors and a fascinating Expo – these are the main facts about the founding event of the year: the StartupCon. On October 27, 2016 visitors meet exhibitors, startups meet SMEs, national meets international and especially numerous founder meet numerous investors.

Founders, startups and experts come to Cologne because the entire LANXESS arena becomes the center of the German and international startup scene. We will speak about Germany’s future as a location for founders and perhaps exciting ideas become successful start-ups. The tickets are sought-after On October.

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27, Cologne becomes the hub of new ideas and innovations. The huge LANXESS arena offers with its 25 Pitching boxes space for 500 one-on- one pitches, making it the perfect place for founders and startups. We will match our over 250 investors to our startups, to make sure that everyone has the same opportunities to reach interested sponsors as a conversation partner. Startups from each stage of founding can apply for a limited place for the popular pitches.

Networking, contacts and a big network are essential for establishing a startup, which is obvious to everyone. Already established companies are increasingly looking for new ways of thinking, digital innovations and the fresh wind from younger generations. Thereby Germany needs to get even more interesting as a founder location.

The StartupCon has the scene and the environment in order to start a conversation with one another and exchange ideas with peers. It is worth it to buy the tickets for the biggest one-day startup conference and the best networking event in Germany!

Over 150 top speakers from around the world come to Cologne and share their experiences. Well- known stars such as Jörg Binnenbrücker, Tim Schumacher, Heiko Hubertz, Oliver Flaskämper and ex- soccer star Marcel Jansen, but also international greats such as billionaire Arun Pudur, or Young- Founder Ben Towers and Moziah Bridges provide exciting and unique insights.

They are the most important driving force and encourage with their interesting and unusual stories. The huge arena in Cologne will become the place for knowledge and know-how.

StartupCon Free Tickets

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StartupCon Discount Code

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