Startup Directories You Should Be Using To Promote Your Startup

Are you looking for list of top startup directories? Congratulations, if you are here looking for startup directories to promote your startup as it means that you started something. The thing is promoting your startup is hard. There are many free and paid ways to promote your startup. You can start paying for Facebook Ads or Google Adwords.

Alternatively, you can try other methods, I highly suggest you to start blogging for your startup as well. However, today, we are not going to talk about blogging or content marketing but rather promoting your startup via startup directories.

There are also many places to promote your startup but you need to be a little picky so that you don’t spend too much time trying to submit your startups to fruitless startup directories. Apart from that, I would like to list the startup directories you probably don’t know but you should be using to promote your startup. What I mean by that, you already know, you should try Product Hunt, Hacker News, or Betalist, our purpose here is to introduce you to other startup directory alternatives.

List Of Top Startup Directories To Promote Your Startup

Startup Buffer

promote your startup on startup buffer

Startup Buffer is the place where new projects are promoted!

Twitter: 50K followers @startupbuffer

Facebook: 15K followers @startupbuffer

Launching Next

promote your startup on launching next

Launching Next showcases the world’s most promising new startups every day.

Twitter: 17K followers @launchingnext

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Facebook: 400 likes @launchingnext startup directory

Discover the latest startups launched! Let the world know your startup/products!

Twitter: 200 followers @LaunchedIO

Betapage startup directory

Browse, discover, hunt startups and new ideas.

Twitter: 14K followers @beta_page


submit your startup to allstartups

Twitter: 1000 followers @AllStartupsInfo

Facebook: 500 likes @allstartupsinfo

List of additional places/directories to submit your startup

Crunch Base
Geek Wire
Alternative To
Inc 42
Next Big What
I Am Wire
Stack Share
Startup Stash
Startup Beat
Startup Ranking
101 Best Websites
Tech Pluto
Tech Faster
The Startup Pitch
Startup Dope
Launch Lister

Here we have just listed the top startup directories you probably don’t know but you should be using to promote your startup. Go submit your startup and let us know if there are any other startup directory you tried and get benefited before!

For me, the winning strategy in any startup business is, ‘Think big but start small.’ ~ Carmen Busquets