6 Tips To Consider When Rebranding An Office

Design and functionality are vital elements to have in mind when revamping and rebranding your office. You should assess the available space to determine how you will play around with the two things before painting the place or rearranging the furniture. Ask your employees or business partners to give their opinions because their input might help you see something in a different light and ensure everything aligns with the company’s priorities. Moreover, the changes should enhance how everyone works, thus maximizing production potential. The ideas you get from them can help you know what your brand stands for and how it is perceived. Below are six tips worth considering that can prove to be resourceful when branding your offices.

1. Seek Inspiration From Your Location

Your business premise’s location can be a source of inspiration, which can be an excellent approach if your company has local roots and focuses more on the local market. Given this, you can do something like a wall mural that showcases local landmarks and culture. It can be a focal point in the reception, waiting, or lounge area.

2. Distinguish Staff And Client Areas

Take a different approach when it comes to your employees and clients in the office.  Your branding efforts can bring about differentiation between your staff and customer areas. You can do a company logo with the corporate message on the walls in the customers’ or clients’ waiting zones. You then can do something different for the employee spaces; doing less branding but focusing more on creating a comfortable environment helps them execute their jobs better.

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3. Focus On What You Offer (Product or Service)

The brand design should showcase your services or product. It also should be evident in how your office’s layout. For instance, you can set up a communal kitchen with a dining area if your company is in the food and drink industry. If you make games and toys, then a playroom for the staff to try out the products and brainstorm ideas when testing prototypes can be ideal.

4. Consider How Your Company Operates

It would be best if you strived to create a workplace that looks great and support the work done there. To enhance productivity, consider having space where your team can collaborate when working. Therefore, an open-plan workspace with large tables or adequately spaced seating areas will do the trick.  Secluded and quiet spaces are ideal if your employees need to work uninterrupted.

5. Do Not Go OTT

You can do a flashy design when branding the office, but try to keep this subtle. Going all out with the latest appliances and glamorous décor can help portray an image of professionalism and success, but it also can send the wrong message. Some shareholders, customers, or clients might consider it an imprudent use of company finances. Design touches like picture blinds get your branding across subtly.

6. Involve Your Staff

Involve your workers or employees in the redesign process because it will make them feel invested in the company’s growth and success. Let them share their opinions on the changes they would like to see. They can help with rearranging the furniture, painting the walls, for picking the indoor plants.  They can give their input on possible entertainment options in the breakrooms, such as bringing in a pool table or darts board. Allowing them to share their ideas on what they would like to see change can help them feel comfortable in the new office settings.

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