Top Five Ecommerce Courses in 2022

With COVID-19 driving people – and businesses – online, what is a better way to start your online business venture than to enroll yourself in Ecommerce Courses? This added knowledge will strengthen, support, and inspire you to jumpstart your business career.

Ecommerce offers a huge number of benefits for people looking to start their own online business. As a result of this, there are many people looking to try their hand at starting their own eCommerce business. If this is something that you want to try, it is important that you learn how to run an eCommerce store before taking the plunge. Indeed, if you did not enroll in an Ecommerce course prior to opening your online store, you might end up making mistakes that will impact the success of your business – but don’t worry. We have listed our picks for the top 5 Ecommerce courses in 2022 so you can get your business venture started the right way!

Why Start an Ecommerce Store?

There are many reasons why you might want to start your own eCommerce store. eCommerce stores allow you to earn while you are idle. Once you are all set up it is generally easier to start than a traditional store as well. Furthermore, the worldwide demand for eCommerce services and online shopping is growing at a fast rate annually, making now a good time for people with an eye for being an entrepreneur and the desire to be their own boss to get into eCommerce!

You might want to check out this article on Useful Things You Should Consider for Your Startup to Make It a Success if you are considering starting a business. This article is pretty relevant if you want to delve into the eCommerce world, especially during this time of crisis now which is the COVID-19 pandemic. The article discusses what important first steps to make to assure success for your budding business. This also includes the benefits of consulting a marketing service for your startup, what trends you should keep an eye on, and what you should keep in mind when beginning a business.

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Alternatively, you can also check out Startup Books for Entrepreneurs to Grow Their Startups to add more knowledge to feel even more confident when starting a business. You can also purchase these books and add them to your bookshelf. These books include research, timeless tips, and testimonials from experienced entrepreneurs that will surely inspire you to boss up and take great care of your startup.

Now, let’s move on to the top 5 Ecommerce Courses in 2022. Keep in mind that the information from these courses will help bolster your business but it’s ultimately up to you to employ the various business and marketing strategies. At the end of the day, you still have to enroll in the best Ecommerce course that will benefit you the most so you have to decide which is optimal for your line of business. Hopefully, by the end of this article, you will be able to decide which of these courses will bring light and success to your endeavors.

What are the Top 5 Ecommerce Courses in 2022?

#5 Dropship Lifestyle

This course is a hugely popular option that has helped a huge number of people start their own online eCommerce store, focusing particularly on dropshipping. The course is highly rated and provides participants with the full blueprints that they will need to leave their current career, make a job out of dropshipping, and run their own eCommerce platform.

The course covers a huge number of different topics regarding Ecommerce and is designed to set you off on the right foot. However, it is also useful for established eCommerce entrepreneurs too. The course offers advice and guidance on a huge number of topics including skills needed to start and run a successful eCommerce store, Google Ads training to help with marketing and promoting the store once it’s up and running, a full course on how to design a successful Shopify site and more! The course also offers a year of private coaching and participants can even travel to the dedicated resort in Prague to meet Anton, the course leader, and learn from other participants.

The primary drawback to this course is the cost – the Premium course starts from $2,997 and the Ultimate course from $4,997. Now, you get what you pay for with the course – but you should consider whether you have those sorts of funds set aside before making the investment in the course, as other courses may be more affordable.

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#4 Ecommerce – Introduction To The Top 12 Ecommerce Platforms

This course from SkillSuccess is a good option for people looking to get started with eCommerce for the first time, as it is tailored directly toward new eCommerce entrepreneurs. The course is short and concise, running over a period of 3 hours, and has helped over 1000 students in their new passion. It will help you learn about the different eCommerce platforms that are available to you and the pros and cons of each of these online platforms, which include eBay, Amazon, and Yahoo Stores to name a few. The course covers all of the basics that you will need to know about selling online to get started in the right way – although if you are an established eCommerce entrepreneur, other courses will probably offer you more benefits.

#3 eCom Hacks

When it comes to online courses for Ecommerce, eCom Hacks is arguably one of the best. Even if it is a little out of date in a few aspects, the teaching that it provides is solid and based on the information and skills learned by someone who manages an eCommerce store that has an annual turnover of over $5 million – not to be scoffed at, then, so it is clear to see that you will be getting a good insight into the world of eCommerce with this course.

This course focuses particularly on drop surfing, which allows eCommerce entrepreneurs to identify the most profitable products to sell in their stores, as well as providing participants with access to weekly coaching calls and the ability to join in with a Mastermind group of eCommerce experts.

The course is priced from $1,999, which puts it firmly in the middle ground in terms of online eCommerce courses.

#2 eCom Inner Circle

If you’re looking for somewhere to learn about eCommerce with vast support from a network of other like-minded individuals, the eCom Inner Circle could be the course for you. The course is priced at $397, making it noticeably more affordable compared to others, and provides participants with the ability to network and learn integral eCommerce skills from others in the same position as them.

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This course is less focused on structured teaching for new eCommerce entrepreneurs and so it is somewhat better suited for already established online business owners. Otherwise, it is great when coupled with another course. Participants can benefit from being able to directly discuss questions with the coach of the course as well as with other highly experienced drop shippers. The course is also intriguing since some of the content that it provides is often given less consideration by other courses like focus on logo branding and upselling hacks, to name a few.

#1 Ecom Elites

Ecom Elites is arguably one of the best online dropshipping courses out there both for first-timers looking to get involved with E-commerce as well as those looking to boost their current online business.

The course is charged from $197 – which is very reasonable for the amount of support provided compared to other courses. For this price, you get access to 170 detailed videos helping you get into the world of dropshipping and eCommerce. Some of the many topics covered include basic SEO, email marketing guides, Facebook and Instagram traffic training, walkthroughs for setting up and boosting your eCommerce store, and more. The more expensive packages also offer a number of other perks, including 2 books detailing how you can select your niche and build your own 6-figure-store.

Final Thoughts

Every year, strategies and possibilities for eCommerce stores are changing and evolving. As a result of this, you may want to try an eCommerce course to learn about how to start your own online business, or to find new ways of optimizing your online business to meet the demands of the 2022 market!

Since a lot of changes were made due to the pandemic, it’s always a good idea to keep yourself flexible and quick to adapt to whatever may come. That’s why we encourage you to enroll yourself in online courses to help supplement your knowledge.

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