What is Exit-Intent and How to enable it on OptinMonster?

What is Exit-Intent?

OptinMonster’s Exit-intent® technology is behavioral technology that tracks and monitors your website visitors and presents them with an offer that could be a pop-up to encourage your visitor to sign up for your newsletter or a discount code to convince them to buy your product.

Eventually, it reduces cart abandonment and captures more leads.

Usually, using exit-intent technology, you can convert an additional 2 – 4% of your visitors.

In the below video, you can see a demo of the Exit-Intent.

How to activate Exit-Intent?

Here is how you can activate OptinMonster’s Exit-Intent feature.

After you create your campaign, navigate to the Display Rules tab in the campaign builder.

In the next step, add a rule to your ruleset and choose exit detected from the dropdown.

Select the device you’d like to target. You can target different devices at this stage, it could be either mobile or desktop or both.

At last, you can choose a sensitivity for your campaign. Your sensitivity options are Low, Medium or High sensitivity. With these configurations, you set how likely the Exit-Intent will be activation.

And you are done. It is very actually very easy to activate.

Tips & Tricks To Increase Effectiveness of Exit-Intent

Use Your Visitor’s Name

Personalization always works. You can personalize Exit-Intent popups. For instance, first, ask the user’s name and when s/he is about the exit, display the Exit-Intent popup with the name of the visitor.

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Personalize by Referral Source

You can also capture referral source and personalize Exit-Intent popup with the name of the referral source.

OptinMonster makes it very easy to get the referral source with its referral detection technology.

Offer a Content Upgrade

You can present your content upgrades when your visitor is about the exit. Isn’t good to have one last chance to show your precious e-book written for your lovely readers?

Suggest Related Posts

There is nothing more useful than presenting your related blog posts to your already engaged visitors. With Exit-Intent, you have an additional place to present related posts to your reader.

Give Visitors a Few Choices

Add a Progress Bar

Have you ever heard of the Zeigarnik Effect? This psychological phenomenon states that people feel uncomfortable leaving things incomplete. It is proposed by the 20th-century Russian psychologist, Bluma Zeigarnik.

Hence you can show a progress bar that is incomplete but very close to being completed with one step. See the screenshot below the check the example. It is very easy to accomplish that with OptinMonster.

Offer a Discount

There is nothing more attractive than a discount for e-buyers. With OptinMonster’s Exit-Intent, you can offer a discount.

You can also ask for their email in exchange of the discount. With that, you get to keep your visitor email and ping them if you have more offers in the future.

Offer Free Shipping

The number one reason for shopping card abandonment is shipping costs. Although I personally do not suggest charging an extra for the shipping, if you do, you can try to get those who are about to abandon with this trick.

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Show free shipping offer to those who are about to exit.

Hope you enjoy our quick tutorial on Exit-Intent feature of OptionMonster.

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