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Voice of Blockchain

To provide education on the blockchain & driving education around cryptocurrency

cvlogin is absolutely free and it’s simplistic, one-click design enables users to create beautiful, professional CV’s in minutes.


The AI-powered brain hack-based e-learning experience that will invert the forgetting curve to make newly acquired knowledge literally impossible to forget

Rodha Educational Solutions

Expand the horizons of e-learning with Rodha. Let’s join in your competitive exam preparation!


We aim to cater to all leading exams in India and then extend the platform to school education.

Snap N Study

On-demand tutoring. Just simply snap your question and get instant help from verified, experienced tutors on the go in the palm of your hands.

Think Exam

A leading online examination platform to conduct online exams and surveys with ease.

Million Dollars Blocks

You know how expensive University education can be


Creative digital studio with a focus on game-based solutions.


Have your next business meeting in virtual reality!

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