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Got Talent, don't just flaunt it, monetize it too


Replace the rental deposit with Trust.


Discover and Learn about Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning Products, Services and Technologies.


ulektz provides a suite of cloud-based applications for education, employability and employment


Finding employment for 70 million Americans with criminal records.


a free mobile employment solution that leverages personality traits, interests, and physical location to pair job seekers with available employment opportunities.

Interview Mocha

Interview Mocha is a Pre-employment skill testing solution with 1000+ ready skill tests, advanced simulators and excellent support in the creation of custom tests.

Interview Mocha

Choose from over 1,000+ Skill Tests or Ask for a Custom Test

Aegora, the Professional Marketplace

Aegora is the networked professional marketplace, where entrepreneurs and professional consultants meet, buy and sell services, easily and safely.


LinkedIn for shift workers. Get hired with video on the go.

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