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Fonic Studio

Online music recording studio made easy.


Duolingo for understanding crypto


Free Video Classes from the Best in the Business.

Engati - The Best Free Chatbot Platform

A Free Chatbot Platform built using AI & ML with Automation for Business.

Shield FC

Shield’s Proactive Compliance Hub automates and optimizes compliance tasks across Structured & Unstructured Data


Crammut is the place where you and your team can create, keep track and complete learning paths.

Kono Store

Discover Amazing Products


Rocketbots is an AI platform that enables companies to manage, respond to and automate conversations across live chat or messaging apps. 


Duolingo for blockchain.


LingRoom is EdTech marketplace connects hundreds of teachers with students, who are eager to master their language skills through in-person or online lessons, in classes or in groups.

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