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Plentry PK

Plentys pk - Online Shopping in Pakistan

Social NFT

An online NFT marketplace for influencers and their followers. Create+Mint= make money off your likeness.


Eatance offers a Tailor-made ON-DEMAND MOBILE ORDERING & DELIVERY APP for Businesses.


Simple borderless escrow payments for marketplaces

Assiduus Global Inc

Think eCommerce, Think us.


FishyHub is the number one aquarium marketplace for people to shop for fishes, plants and other aquarium accessories in a social, personalized and simple way.


Cannabis real estate and business marketplace


Buy in to co-own a business. Sell equity to onboard experts.

Go SuperApp

Go SuperApp enables the over 250+ milllion smart phone owners living in Africa to order for anything using their mobile phones-ride hailing, food, deliveries, shoping, short rentals, payments.

Brilliant Building Marketing

Brilliant Building Marketing help builders create a steady flow of ready-to-buy customers with effective video marketing.

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