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Amiad Water Systems

Leading producer of eco-friendly water treatment and filtration solutions for multiple applications


MachEye helps you understand “what, why and how” for your data with natural search and AI-powered insights

Ruuz Innovations

Ruuz Innovations, imagines, designs and creates sports products

Finllect Digital Technologies Ltd.

Finllect is an application for thin file or no file customers to build credit, prequalify for financial services and automate their finances.


meal planning software for professionals


At MNYMSTRS, we are a trusted academy that offers a free financial literacy course.


Accelerated and Personalized assistance to your Customers in One-Click with OneChat.


The no-code solution to launch a generative NFT collection on your website withouth technical knowledge.


The easiest way to get started making games. Right from your browser, no coding required


The next headless platform for high-growth digital commerce

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