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FlexClip is a simple, powerful and flexible video maker that helps you create marketing videos and family stories in minutes.


Malaysia’s 1st Full Digital Property Marketing Solutions Provider


The complete 360 degree real estate solution


New Silver is a hard money lender serving real estate investors in the states of CT and MA.

Zameen For You

“Zameen for You” is the best name in the field of real estate marketing.


Raizers is an online investment platform that allows every person or company to build and follow its own portfolio through a full catalogue of European SMEs, selected by our analysts team.

York Towers

York Towers is a real estate investment

New daily classifieds website in India.


We are democratizing real estate investments and building a Nasdaq for Real Estate - offering a trading platform for a fully liquid marketplace.


Houses, Flats, Villas, Plots, For Sale or resale in Hyderabad

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