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Must have protection of privileged windows admin accounts managed by MS LAPS

Appxtech Web

Design Develop Deploy


Organize your tabs into sessions

Icons8 Lunacy

Free graphic design software with built-in design resources.

2 Steps

2 Steps allows organisations using Splunk for IT operations to monitor mobile apps, websites, Windows applications and mainframe software interfaces without setting up coding or scripts.


Stop wasting time online & get things done by blocking distracting websites and app on Mac & Windows

Stuck AI

Digital out-of-home hyperlocal advertising platform powered by AI


ObjectBox is a fast on-device database for Mobile & IoT, supporting Java, C, Go, Kotlin & Swift and running on Android, Windows, Linux, Raspberry pi & more.

TabIt - NewTab

Inimitable NewTab pages for Google Chrome by TabIt


If you are a writer or an editor, copying and pasting images for your content is less of a hassle with ClipClip.

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