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Yuzu Metrix

Yuzu Metrix is an industry-standard influencer marketing reporting and analytics tool focusing on real numbers and transparency

TheTradable is a UGC-platform about financial markets (stocks, commodities, fx, crypto), investing and the life of traders with user-generated content. Reddit for traders.

Martini Tag Insights

Easily tag your content using AI, then analyse the subject matter that is of most interest to your users.


Form builder with lead generation and workflow automation

Self SEO

Simple do-it-yourself SEO for startups + small business owners.


A new dynamic file format that allows content owners to control their data at any time.

Team Analytics

An effortless, yet powerful employee feedback platform to monitor office vibes and detect issues in your departments.


The easiest way to value your business location


Save your time and money with Google Analytics alerts


KudosBot helps spread positivity in the work place by giving you a mechanism to recognize your best employees.

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