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Odix develops and markets advanced anti-malware tools based on Content Disarm and Reconstruct (CDR) technology for preventative cybersecurity in enterprises of all sizes.


Tired of price guarantee program because no app shows price comparison by identical product. There is solution for that, addresses the issue with unique algorithm

Prompt API

Prompt API is an API marketplace targeted for developers and /or startup founders.


Simplify your everyday work with colors using Hexee


Secure REST API Rapid Development Platform


Enhancing US business through nearshore software development since 2007.


The easiest way to value your business location


A new antibacterial technology that eliminates even the harmful antibiotic resistant bacteria!

SaaS Startup Kit

Open-source project of Go code to bootstrap your software-as-a-service startup.

Open Lowcode

A flexible and free rapid application framework for enterprise

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